Leg Ulcers, Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Pressure Ulcers take over 200 days to heal, despite standard treatment. 200 days with a wound represents a huge burden for patients, for clinicians and for the healthcare economy.

Reducing healing time is our priority.

Urgo Medical offers a range of innovative dressings, compression bandages and hosiery, all designed to improve wound healing and patients’ quality of life. We believe strongly in evidence-based care and pride ourselves on our products having the highest level of clinical evidence available.

Our focus is working in partnership with healthcare professionals to move from managing wounds to healing wounds. We offer market leading education and support through our experienced clinical team to help improve patient outcomes and reduce healing time.

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Providing life changing solutions to wound healing

UrgoStart Plus treatment range is indicated at any healing stage for all leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and longstanding acute wounds.


UrgoStart Plus treatment range is recommended by NICE for the treatment of venous leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers 1


UrgoStart Plus treatment is the only treatment that is clinically proven to reduce healing time 2-5


The sooner UrgoStart Plus treatment range is initiated the better the healing outcomes for patients 6

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UrgoKTwo is a multicomponent system, combining a short-stretch bandage and a long-stretch bandage, giving you the best of both worlds.


UrgoKTwo is for all patients with venous and mixed leg ulcers, with and without oedema

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Comfortable, continuous compression

The Cochrane Review, 2012, recommends multi-component systems, and states:

  • multicomponent bandages are more effective than single-component bandage systems in healing venous leg ulcers

  • multi-component systems appear to perform better when one component is an elastic bandage

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UrgoKTwo 10cm 18-25.png

40 mmHg 

For venous leg ulcers

20 mmHg 

For mixed leg ulcers and those intolerant to higher levels of compression

Available in Latex-Free

Available in 8cm, 10cm and 12cm bandage widths

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The only anti-biofilm silver dressing that provides complete and continuous cleaning action

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(40 mmHg at the ankle)
For venous leg ulcers

UrgoKTwo Reduced

(20 mmHg at the ankle)
For mixed leg ulcers

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The UrgoTul family features our unique TLC healing matrix, designed to Provide a nurturing environment for healing and harm free care for acute wounds

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