“This is tremendous news. Diabetes foot ulcers are extremely debilitating and can affect every aspect of the person’s life. Urgo Medical’s new treatment, which can significantly reduce the healing time of foot ulcers, will have a significant impact on thousands of patients living with this condition. As we know, over 90% of all diabetes related amputations are preceded by a single foot ulcer so speeding up the healing process could help prevent many unnecessary amputations. The NICE guidance shows that UrgoStart can have a major impact on clinical outcomes and reduces costs for the NHS which is good news for both patients and healthcare professionals.”

Graham Bowen, Clinical Lead for Podiatry, Solent NHS Trust

 “Patients really suffer both physically and psychologically when they develop an ulcer, significantly affecting their quality of life for many months and sometimes longer. If we can reduce the healing time by using the right dressings and treatments at the right time this will achieve the best outcome for the patient. NICE’s decision to support this standardised evidence-based approach to reducing the time to heal is great news for nurses as well, as it frees up our time to spend with other patients in need.”

Julie Mullings, Lead Nurse Tissue Viability, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

“We're absolutely delighted by this recommendation. It is a breakthrough for both clinicians and patients, giving access to an effective wound treatment that reduces healing time. Timely evidence-based treatment of lower limb ulcers is essential, decreasing the demand on limited healthcare resources and enhancing patients’ quality of life.


At Urgo Medical we have an experienced clinical team, who are focused on working in collaboration with the NHS, to help release nursing time and resources by improving healing outcomes, and we look forward to supporting local teams in implementing this new recommendation.”

Lorraine Grothier, Urgo Medical UK Head of Clinical Services



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NICE now recommends the use of
UrgoStart for patients with Venous Leg Ulcers and Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

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