Frequently asked questions

What is UrgoStart treatment range?

With its unique TLC-NOSF Healing Matrix (NOSF* impregnated in a TLC healing matrix) UrgoStart treatment is the only local treatment proven to reduce healing time. UrgoStart treatment range is indicated for leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and long-standing acute wounds. UrgoStart Plus also contains unique poly-absorbent fibres which come into direct contact with the wound to clean it. Thanks to their high affinity to slough, the fibres bind, trap and retain exudate, slough, debris and bacterial residue present in the wound, keeping it clean throughout healing. UrgoStart Plus offers simplification of treatment choice: one single solution for all leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers acting from day 1 to complete healing.

When should I use UrgoStart treatment?

You should initiate UrgoStart treatment as early as possible to maximise the outcomes for patients. In our Explorer Study we demonstrated that the earlier UrgoStart treatment is initiated, the better the healign outcomes for patients. You can iniitiate UrgoStart Plus from day 1 until complete healing, whatever the wound healing phase. This is made possible thanks to the unique technology of UrgoStart Plus which combines TLC-NOSF with poly-absorbent fibres.

How does UrgoStart treatment work?

UrgoStart is a treatment to reduce healing time with the unique TLC-NOSF Healing Matrix.

UrgoStart is the only treatment which acts locally in the wound on the 2 key local factors significantly impairing wound healing: excess of Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) and an impaired blood vessels network.

UrgoStart treatment inhibits excess MMPs to allow the new extracellular matrix to develop and promotes angiogenesis (the reformation of blood capillaries in the wound bed) through migration and proliferation of endothelial cells. The growth of new blood vessels facilitates the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the wound bed. Addressing both these local factors has a positive impact on wound healing.

Can I cut UrgoStart dressings?

UrgoStart Plus treatment range is available in many sizes; you also have a sacrum size with UrgoStart Plus Border.

If required, UrgoStart Plus Pad and UrgoStart contact can be cut with sterile equipment to fit the size of the dressing to the wound.

Due to the highly-absorbent layer in UrgoStart Plus Border, we do not recommend cutting the central pad to preserve the integrity of the dressing.

Can UrgoStart dressings be used in cavity wounds?

It depends on the type of the cavity wound. If the cavity wound is quite big, UrgoStart Plus Pad can be cut to conform to the wound bed in an optimal way.

For small cavity wounds and awkward locations such as between toes, we recommend using UrgoStart Contact which is a flexible contact layer and can be adapted easily to the cavity or the awkward location of the wound. In the case of deep, anfractuous or fistula wounds, a section of UrgoStart Contact dressing should be left visible to enable easy removal.

Can I use a secondary dressing with UrgoStart treatment?

Of course. We recommend to change the dressing more frequently when there is a very high level of exudate. You may also combine UrgoStart Plus Pad and UrgoStart Contact with a super-absorbent dressing of your choice as secondary dressing if necessary. In such case, you will continue benefiting from the benefits of UrgoStart treatment in contact with the wound bed, while managing high levels of exudate with the super-absorbent dressing.

When should I not use UrgoStart treatment range?

Although UrgoStart treatment range is gentle to patients and well-tolerated, it is contraindicated in a few instances.

  • UrgoStart treatment range is contraindicated in cancerous wounds and fistula wounds which may reveal a deep abscess
  • Dot not use when there is a known sensitivity to UrgoStart dressings
  • UrgoStart Plus Pad and UrgoStart Plus Border facilitate the management of minor bleeding wounds. However, they should not be used as a surgical sponge for heavily bleeding wounds

Always read the Product Information leaflet before use.

How long can UrgoStart treatment be left in place?

UrgoStart Plus can be used in conjunction with the standard of care (e.g. under compression or with offloading devices) and can remain in place for up to 7 days under medical control and advice.

However, change of dressings should be tailored to the wound healing trajectory:

During the cleaning-phase we recommend changing dressing every 1 to 2 days. After the cleaning phase dressing changes may be less frequent and should depend on the amount of exudate and your usual practice.