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Competency Framework

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Business Skills Development Module

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Competency Framework

An answer to your need:

The role of the Tissue Viability Practitioner is complex, encompassing a range of healthcare specialities, which include paediatrics, adults, older people, mental health, and learning disabilities. Practitioners are expected to possess specialist knowledge and skills to expertly manage a range of skin integrity issues, and to identify, appraise, analyse and implement up-to-date evidence-based findings into clinical practice (Ousey et al., 2014).


To date within tissue viability, there are very few tools with which to measure and benchmark expertise.


In 2014 at Wounds UK Conference, we asked you what you needed, you told us:


  • There were no nationally recognised competencies

  • No clarity of role and responsibilities,

  • No clear framework to support your role

  • You wanted the tools to prove your impact.



So we listened and have delivered the first ever UK wide Tissue Viability Competency Framework developed by the University of Huddersfield and Urgo Partnership

The aim of this framework


The Tissue Viability Service Competency Framework has been developed to assist healthcare practitioners, TVNs and those aspiring to work in the area of tissue viability to understand the skills and knowledge required in this specialist area of care. It should be noted that this framework is not prescriptive but serves as a guide that can be used as a baseline to build and shape services and support personal development. It is hoped that application of the framework will facilitate national benchmarking of knowledge and skills within the field, in addition that its use will promote equity and transferability of expertise across the UK thereby helping to develop the workforce in this area. This framework is designed to be personalised to your development needs and may be used to provide evidence for your skills passport.

Who is the framework relevant for?

The framework is relevant for all staff who work within a tissue viability service, we recognise that not all staff will have the title Tissue Viability Nurse or similar but the competencies have been developed to recognise the varying levels/grades of staff that practice within this specialist area.

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Business Skills Development Module


Applications for full educational funding to attend the 2022 TVLC Business Skills Development Module (30 Masters Credits) are OPEN!


Funded places are limited, see below for more information and how to apply!

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In 2017 Urgo Medical in partnership with the University of Huddersfield developed the Tissue Viability Leading Change (TVLC) Business Skills Development Module which offers successful students 30 credits at Masters Level! The module is a direct example of successful tripartite partnership working between academia, clinical practice and industry, with the sole aim of supporting clinicians to access education in business skills development to enhance Tissue Viability Services and patient outcomes.

The TVLC Business Skills Development Module is designed to equip Tissue Viability clinicians with the strategic planning and business case development skills required to take a service based idea/project through the different stages to successful implementation.

Accredited by the University of Huddersfield the TVLC Business Skills Development Module meets master’s level requirements, providing students with 30 masters’ credits upon successful completion. It can be taken as a stand-alone module or can contribute towards an ongoing Tissue Viability MSc. Students are required attend 30 hours of face to face classroom teaching which will be scheduled at the University of Huddersfield over eight days, this is divided into in four two day modular sessions scheduled from April to July.

What do past students have to say about the module?

“The business skills course gave me the skills and knowledge to create a successful business case for two additional staff members”

“A valuable course with so many transferable skills, I would recommend this to both new and experienced Tissue Viability Nurses.”

“I began the course thinking I knew a lot, managed to realise I didn’t know much and then learnt loads. A great group, excellent and interested tutors, a varied curriculum and I have made friends for life with the group members. I grew as a clinician in knowledge, confidence and desire to make my role even more productive. I now have the skills to do exactly that!”

Click here and here to read and download two of the latest Wounds UK Professional Development publications by Professor Karen Ousey, Director for the Institute of Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention, Department of Nursing & Midwifery, University of Huddersfield. Professor Ousey discusses the importance of supporting Tissue Viability in developing transferable skills in strategic planning and business case development. The second publication includes feedback from past students and demonstrates the positive impact the TVLC Business Skills Development module had upon their competence and confidence levels in creating a successful business case to deliver change to improve their local Tissue Viability service.

When Are The Next Course Dates?

The TVLC Business Skills Development Module is held at the University of Huddersfield on the following dates, students are required to attend all four modules below:

26th and 27th April

24th and 25th May

21st and 22nd June

26th and 27th July 

Who Should Apply?

Those who are already managing or leading a Tissue Viability or Wound Care related service.

Healthcare Professionals within a Tissue Viability or other wound care related service that have identified a need for service change in the workplace, have a strategic idea or project and are currently at Band 7 or above.

How do I apply for a funded place on the course?

The TVLC Business Skills Development Module is designed to equip Tissue Viability clinicians with the skills and knowledge required to take a service based idea/project through the different stages to successful implementation.

To apply please download the Project Application guide here to submit an outline of your service based idea or project in not more than 500 words. This project will form a key part of your learning throughout the course and final assessment.

Please email your application to:  Sarah Summerson, UK Head of Learning and Development, Urgo Medical.


Places are limited! If you require more information about the module and guidance about how to apply, please contact your local Urgo Medical Healthcare Partnership Manager or contact Mark Rigby, Head of Market Access, Urgo Medical.